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Bring some warmth and grounding to your space with this mocha canvas print! This piece has a stunning blend of metallic paints in earthy tones such as cream, brown, gold, and bronze for an elegant, chic look. The 30x40 frame is versatile enough to hang in four different orientations – making it great for any foyer entrance or accent wall in yourhome or office giving a unique and sophisticated touch.



Metalic Acrylic



Shipping & Returns

Shipped Via FEDEX or DHL for International Order.

Shipping Cost not included in listing price.


30"x40" Canvas

31"x41" w/ Frame

Care Instructions

Keep out of reach of children.

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Behold the majestic sight of a hovering Scorpion or Phoenix illuminated in florescent marker! Experience a different perspective of this beautiful creature by simply changing its orientation from hanging to rising. Add a powerful symbol of transformation to your space, with this amazing illuminated craft. Perfect for adding an extra touch of strength and power to any room.