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Meh Nah

Meh Nah

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This modern, Meh Nah framed canvas art offers an eye-catching blend of maturity and a nice balance of yin and yang. Featuring a bright palette with pink, white, and black highlights, this stunning piece of office wall art is sure to turn heads!



Metalic Acrylic



Shipping & Returns

Shipped Via FEDEX or DHL for International Order.

Shipping Cost not included in listing price.


30"x40" Canvas

31"x41" w/ Frame

Care Instructions

Keep out of reach of children.

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Behold the majestic sight of a hovering Scorpion or Phoenix illuminated in florescent marker! Experience a different perspective of this beautiful creature by simply changing its orientation from hanging to rising. Add a powerful symbol of transformation to your space, with this amazing illuminated craft. Perfect for adding an extra touch of strength and power to any room.