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Chess Board

Chess Board

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Experience the beauty of classic board games with this stunning reflective vinyl-wrapped game board. Perfect for playing chess, the 24x24 playing surface has plenty of room to place your pawns and Knights - included with the game board is a matching box to house them in when not in use. Not only can you play classic board games on this board but it also doubles as a true art piece that you can hang up and admire when not in play! On the other side of the game board, flip it over and enjoy a fun card game on the upholstered top.

Each square tile is hand cut and outlined in a complementary color leather cord that is nailed in brass finishing. 



Metalic Acrylic



Shipping & Returns

Shipped Via FEDEX or DHL for International Order.

Shipping Cost not included in listing price.


30"x40" Canvas

31"x41" w/ Frame

Care Instructions

Keep out of reach of children.

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