Who is Kiwi.Tabasco?

Hi !

I'm a San Antonio-based IT girl and fan-crowned best-dressed on TikTok (@kiwi.tabasco). My audience is cultivated by fashionably sharing quirky stories, life lessons, and random musing about the human experience and world as we know it, all while being freakishly cute, stylish, and athletic as all outdoors.

I am a Red Belt in Budokon MMA, SPARTAN Race Trifecta 2022 Finisher, and HYROX athlete. I give my audience a closer look into my life when I stream live while cooking and share healthy and tasty recipes, fitness and martial arts tips, fashion, hair tutorials and routines, and day-in-the-life scenes. In addition, to being a niche internet sensation, I am a Project Manager and author of 'Do It Right the First Time: A Study Guide for the Hardheaded Entrepreneur.

My Beginnings

I am in love with exploring every divine gift within my body. As a child, I was introduced to sports and fashion. Through sports, I found ways to paint inside the line of my physical peaks, and now as an adult, I compete in Spartan Races and a variety of other athletic competitions. Through fashion, I found the smooth collide of patterns, textures, and material types to be captivating. I believe art to be just as tasking in the roles and responsibilities different textures and mediums work together or create opposing forces.

My Favorite Piece

At the end of the day, the work I enjoy the most is energy-shifting. A unique aspect of my work incorporates many textures of heavy body paints, leather, glass, marker, and fire. When the viewer feels a magnetic connection to my work, I know it'll leave a lasting impression. You've never seen anything like this, but the sensation is familiarity in the movement and rigidy of it all.(L) Orange Ting

My Life Today

Living between Miami, FL and San Antonio, TX, I've grown my passion projects to a passioned profession. Art has allowed me to connect with folks around the world. No matter the barrier, I've found consistent joy in "getting up and going after it." from the peaks of the tallest mountains in the Continental U.S. to the volcanic black sand beaches in South America, Tabascian ORIGINALS hang vibrantly in every corner of the world. Hopefully in perfect lighting :)