Gifts They Will Keep

Take advantage of giving a corporate gifting as a way to increase the bond between the business and its employees, prospects, or customers. These gifts can be either tangible or virtual. Luckily, we offer gift cards toward the purchase of a commissioned piece or you can chose a design and color scheme

Give a gift that employees will keep and actually use. Don't waste money SWAG BAGS that will collect dust. Plus, corporate gift giving of this caliber is a unique way to:

  • Convert prospects and leads,
  • Engage with remote employees,
  • Reward top performers, and
  • Affer as a prize to generate buzz for an upcoming event.
  • Build Business Relationships

    Converting prospects, leads, and rebuilding business relationship. Give a game board.

  • Employee Appreciation

    Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on March 3rd. Thank your team for all their hard work throughout the year.

  • Work Anniversaries

    Give a gift to a newly onboarded recruit or to a parting retirement gift to a teammate. These are great C-Suite level gifts.

Corporate Gifting FAQ

How can we customize art gifts for employees?

Download and email or complete online our "Commission Order Specifics" form where you will be asked to select your preferred color and design combinations.

How much will I spend on a custom employee gift?

A single framed art piece or game board range in price from $450-$1500. Buy in bulk and save!

How do we let our employee decide what they want from your art collection?

As the gift giver, you pay and get out of the way. We will send with them the "Commissioned Specifics" link when you share with us their email. We will take it from there.

How long does it take to complete a custom art gift?

A few days to a few weeks, that all depends on how many orders you are submitting, how complex of a piece we are creating, and the destination being shipped. Safe answer 2-6 weeks.

Can we commission a large scale piece for our headquarter office?

Kiwi can create any art for any space. Corporate offices and vacation homes. Contact her via email at to discuss your ideas.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, you may purchase gift cards for any recipient and they may use toward the total price of their custom commissioned art piece.